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Welcome to H2FINANZE, the first choice of Small & Medium business owners for alternative financial services to strengthen and grow their businesses.


H2Finanze offers Business Loans, Business cash advance services to Small & Medium businesses across North America.

We have been instrumental in helping thousands of businesses prosper and grow after they have been turned down by conventional funding sources. With H2Finanze, securing funding to maintain the healthy cash flow that is critical to business success is convenient, fast and reliable.




Is helping you to grow & make as much as you want.


Designed for businesses who might not have debit and credit sales, this program accommodates your sales cycle by providing a loan with a fixed daily repayment schedule, making it easier for you to budget your revenue and expenses accordingly.


Whether you run a traveling business, a restaurant, an e-commerce website, a service station, a supermarket, or any other business, H2FINANZE offers you a unique solution to answer all your needs.

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